In an emotional interview this week, Charo revealed how she found her husband, Kjell Rasten, after he fatally shot himself in February.

During an appearance on “The Talk” on Thursday, the singer told the co-hosts that she performed in Palm Springs, Calif. two nights before his death. He was 79.

“It was a special night and my husband was so proud,” the 68-year-old said, explaining that the following night he opted out of going to dinner with her and had been acting strange.

“When he went to go to sleep he looked at me very strange like he wanted to talk to me,” the entertainer said of the night before the incident at their Beverly Hills home.

As the co-hosts, including Eve and Carrie Ann Inaba, grew emotional during her recollection, Charo said she “had no clues at all,” that he was going to take his own life.

“He was the best husband, the best father, the best companion … so the next day, February 18, at 9 o’clock he shot himself but he didn’t want me to find him,” she recalled.

She said that he took his life in an alley, but she eventually did find him.

“I [ran] to him because I thought he fell and I hugged him, and I was full of blood, my hair was full of blood,” she said, mentioning that he still had a pulse at the time and ended up dying five hours later in surgery.

She chillingly recounted how the police told her that her husband took his own life.

“‘He did not fall down, he put a bullet in his head,'” the police told her. “In that moment I had a bullet in my heart.”

She reminded viewers of the CBS show to “watch for depression,” as she has previously revealed that Rasten suffered from a “rare and horrible skin disease” that made him very depressed.

The two had been married for 30 years and shared their son, Shel Rasten.

The story originally appeared in the New York Post