Carmen Electra reveals her biggest turnoff, opens up about career: 'This was that dream'

Carmen Electra has advice for any man who tries to woo her.

“At this point in my life, you know what — I like honesty and realness,” she told reporters Thursday at the annual amfAR Gala in Beverly Hills, Calif. “He can be real with me. I’m so real and I don’t like people who lie, that’s one of my biggest turnoffs. I’ve gone on dates with people who lie and I’m like, ‘no, this can’t be happening.’”

Electra, 46, admitted she has struggled with being a judge of good character and identifying when people are pulling the wool over her eyes, but noted that it is a skill she’s working hard at improving.

“I’m getting better, I’ll say that. I used to stay in there, you know — stay tough and try. I think that for me, I always see the good in other people, so I think it’s a really sweet quality that I have — but can also come back to haunt me in a way,” she explained.

She continued: “I would really stand up for the person that I love and even if I knew things and I thought I could change them, now I realize that people have to change themselves. You can’t change anyone. So, I see character things a little bit sooner, and I’m like ‘Bye, you gotta go.’ It’s that simple, we have no time to waste.”

The former Prince protégé, who is fresh off a September nude photo shoot, has certainly carved out a niche for herself in the world of entertainment, and Electra’s work has continued behind the scenes. The model even teased a major upcoming project to reporters, which she says is life-changing.

“I just shot a TV series called, “Alone, together,” it’s on Hulu. I’m excited about that, and just now getting back into the music again,” she said. “I started dance music about four or five years ago and now I’m working on it again. So, I have a few gigs coming up that I’m excited about.”

“I can’t talk about it, but I just got an offer that is killing me. I just want to talk about it — I just got the news today,” said Electra, who was born Tara Leigh Patrick in Sharonville, Ohio.

When pressed on if the offer was for a film role, Electra gracefully sidestepped but told a humbling tale of a girl who simply had a vision for her success.

“I would say this; when I was at the School for [Creative and] Performing Arts in Cincinnati and studying there, I had a dream at that time, and this was that dream,” she explained.

“I went in a different direction, which I’m happy and I love. I’m here, I’m there – I like to do everything. It’s fun for me. I like to be creative and try new things, it’s being fearless. And if I get offered an opportunity that I think is right, I’m going to let go of those fears and try because you never know.”