'Breaking Bad' has a 'Malcolm in the Middle' alternate ending

Walter White was never a meth king — he was just suffering from a Twinkie-induce nightmare!

Playing on the half-joke rumors that “Breaking Bad” would end with Bryan Cranston’s family guy/bad guy White going into witness protection only to become another Cranston character, Hal, the dad on his previous long-running sitcom “Malcolm in the Middle,” AMC filmed its own gag, alternate ending to “Bad.”

Cranston’s White wakes up in a terrified sweat, in bed next to “Malcolm” co-star Jane Kaczmarek, who played wife Lois in the 2000-2006 FOX series.

“I told you not to eat those deep-fried Twinkies,” says Kaczmarek as the sympathy-challenged Lois.

“You don’t understand,” Hal says. “I was this meth dealer. Yeah. I was this world class chemist and I cooked and I sold this ultra-pure methamphetamine.”

The “Breaking” gag was also a homage to popular CBS comedy “Newhart,” which ended in 1990 with Bob Newhart waking up in bed next to previous sitcom wife, Suzanne Pleshette.

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