Break Time: Ke$ha asks fans for their teeth, thankfully rehab says no way

Welcome to Break Time! Here's what's going on in the news besides Justin Bieber's arrest. (Yes, belieb it or not there is some other news out there.)

Ke$ha cannot have human teeth in rehab.  The pop star sent a Twitter request asking her fans to send her their teeth so she could make art.  This is a red alert on the disturbing scale.

Andy Samberg enjoys a snow day.

Naya Rivera posts risqué burlesque-themed pic on Instagram.

Facebook use is fading for the youngsters but the older generations are all about it!  This is exactly what happened to Myspace. It’s the disco of social networking sites.

When you’re stranded in a middle of a snow storm, would you ask for life-saving help or Taco Bell???

Spanx could be destroying your health! Eeek!