‘Big Bang Theory’ actress Mayim Bialik details bad hangover, aging in blog post: ‘I was far from fine’

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It appears “The Big Bang Theory” star Mayim Bialik learned the hard way that hangovers worsen with age.

The 43-year-old took to her blog earlier this month to detail her experience of celebrating the festive Jewish holiday of Purim, which took place in March.

“It started innocently enough. It was Purim, the Jewish holiday where we historically party it up and have fun,” she began the post, which she titled "My Purim hangover."


“To celebrate, I went to synagogue with my sons, my ex-husband, and my mom. On Purim, lots of (alcoholic!) drinks are served in synagogue—that’s how much we are encouraged to engage in festive drinking! Responsibly, of course (I was not driving that night).”

The actress, who plays the character Amy Fowler on the hit CBS sitcom, went on to say she “nursed a weak scotch” for the 90-minute service at the synagogue before attending a Purim party with some friends. There, Bialik wrote, she had two Jack and Cokes.

After a “wonderful evening” she returned home and “slept the way I do when I have a few drinks past the age of 40; that is to say, I got up more than usual, but sometimes that happens for a lot of reasons, so I didn’t think anything of it.”

The next morning, however, “I was far from fine,” she wrote.

“My headache was steady and dense. I was exhausted and felt completely depleted of energy. And I was GRUMPY. I was grumpy because the alcohol made me feel grumpy, but I was also grumpy because I should NOT be feeling this hungover from having only a few drinks throughout my night out."

While Bialik claims she is “fairly boring” when it comes to drinking -- even in her younger years -- “it seems that once you hit 40, you just can’t do what you used to,” she wrote.


“This Purim experience has made it crystal clear to me that whatever small drinking life I had before is over. The days of having more than a few drinks—even over the course of HOURS—is over,” she continued, adding, "it’s time to focus on knitting, cross stitch, and reading romance novels apparently.”

“I mean, for a hangover like I had, you’d think I drank a bottle of tequila and did shots all night with the Thunder From Down Under guys (I’ve never been to any such show, but I think you get the picture),” she quipped, noting next Purim she will "plan out my old lady night with two drinks over the course of a long evening.”

“And I will stick to the universal beverage of old women everywhere: rosé. Or Manischewitz. Because that stuff is delicious,” she concluded.