'View' host Joy Behar uses shocking comment to criticize migrant camps under Trump

"The View" hosts were outraged on Tuesday over reported conditions at the camps housing migrants along the southern border -- particularly that children didn't have supplies like toothpaste and soap.

"Even Charles Manson had soap," Behar said, referring to the infamous mastermind behind a long list of murders. She went on to joke that "[President] Trump couldn't live without hair spray for an hour, yet he allows this to go on."

Behar also suggested that Trump harbored racist motivations for allowing migrant children to endure those conditions. "If those kids were from Norway, would this be happening?" Behar asked. Co-host Sunny Hostin adamantly responded: "No."


Co-host Whoopi Goldberg continued the liberal pile-on, describing camp conditions as "shockingly squalid" and arguing that adult prisoners didn't even face the same conditions in the U.S. "Timothy McVeigh had toothpaste,"  Behar also said, referencing the Oklahoma City bomber.

According to the New York Times and other outlets, children have been deprived of basic resources like water, soap and toothpaste, and teens have been forced to care for younger toddlers separated from adults. The Trump administration has blamed Democrats in Congress for refusing to sign off on additional resources for migrants.

Congressional Democrats have also blasted the administration for its treatment of migrants. "This is inflicted on children as punishment to try to bring Democrats to the table to compromise on the border wall," Rep. Karen Bass, D-Calif., said during an interview with CNN.

Trump and Congress have struggled for months to reach a compromise on immigration reform and on Saturday, Trump almost carried out mass deportations in lieu of legislation on the issue. He eventually reneged but for only two weeks, a timeframe during which he said Democrats had to come to the negotiating table on immigration.


At the same time, the federal government faced pushback in getting Congressional approval for funding that would improve conditions for migrant children.

Acting Customs and Border Protection Commissioner John Sanders urged Congress to pass a $4.6 billion emergency funding package which includes nearly $3 billion he says will provide the growing population with adequate care.

Fox News' Anna Hopkins contributed to this report.