Before she got famous, America Ferrera cleaned pig poop: 'It was not a fun job'

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Actors sometimes have to take some pretty undesirable jobs before they make it in Hollywood, but one of America Ferrera's day jobs might be the crappiest of them all.

The “Ugly Betty” actress admitted recently that she was once hired to take care of her neighbor’s pet pig – poop and all.

“When I was probably too young to have a real job, I was hired by my next-door neighbor to clean up after her pet pig,” Ferrera told Page Six during Austin’s ATX TV Festival. “It was not a fun job.”

Ferrera didn’t say how old she was at the time, but, luckily for her, she landed her first movie role – “Real Women Have Curves” in 2002 – as an 18-year-old and hasn’t looked back since.

The actress, who is of Honduran descent, went on to star in movies like “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” and its sequel, as well as voicing the role of Astrid in the “How to Train Your Dragon” animated movies. Now, she stars and co-produces the NBC situation comedy, “Superstore.”

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However, she is probably still best known for her role as Betty Suarez, which got her a Golden Globe.

At the ATX TV Festival, the actress joked that Hulu’s going to pick up the show for a two-hour special.

“That’s not true, but if you tweet it … Everybody here take out your phone. Hashtag: Betty Reboot. We need a hashtag, and tweet it out, and then we’re going to get Hulu to buy a two-hour special,” she joked, according to Variety.

She said, about the show going off the air, “It was like losing a family … There’s always a little piece of me … that still doesn’t want to let this go.”

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