Irate customer caught on surveillance camera vandalizing nail salon

An irate customer has turned herself into authorities after she was caught on surveillance vandalizing a nail salon in Missouri on Friday.

According to the Sara Nguyen, owner of Happy Nails Salon in Hazelwood, Mo., the customer, who she said is a regular, was upset with a manicure she had received earlier and demanded a full refund in addition to a new set of acrylic nails.

Nguyen said they offered the unidentified customer a full refund and to take off the fake nails, but the woman became angry and left – only to return hours later and leave behind a scene of broken bottles and smeared nail polish.


“We offered to refund and take nails off. She wanted a new set with the refund,” the owner said to the Daily Mail. “She returned four hours later, using very foul language around other customers and vandalized the nail salon.”

Happy Nails Salon in Hazelwood,MO

The woman was recorded knocking over a nail polish stand during her rage.  (Facebook)

In the surveillance video, the customer is seen knocking things off of shelves before walking up to a stand full of nail polishes and pushing it over in front of other customers.

The woman’s actions left customers scared and Nguyen heartbroken, the owner told the Daily Mail.

“It worries (me) a lot. You know it was my dream business when I came here,” Nguyen said. 

Nguyen and staff had to work hard to clean up the nail polish stains, she told Daily Mail.

Happy Nails Salon in Hazelwood,MO

The owner and her staff worked hard after the vandalism to remove the nail polish stains.  (Facebook)

On Saturday Nguyen released footage of the surveillance video on Facebook, hoping someone would recognize the woman and help police locate the suspect.


After her post, the suspect turned herself in and was booked on felony property damage charges.

“Thanks to technology and social media we were able to wrap it up pretty quickly. I’m sure it was awkward for the person who came in to turn themselves in. By losing her composure she didn’t help the situation,” said Hazelwood Police Chief Gregg Hall to FOX2.

According to general manager Jeanna Gwinn-Williams, the estimated damages are around $2,000.

“We don’t use cheap products, we use quality on all our customers,” Gwinn-Williams said to FOX2.

Alexandra Deabler is a Lifestyle writer and editor for Fox News.