Amazon pulls 'slavery gets s--t done' products from site

Amazon has pulled a number of items for sale on its website which featured the saying, “slavery gets sh-t done.”

The online retail giant removed the products — reportedly ranging from t-shirts, to bags, to mugs, to children’s clothing — following backlash from shoppers, Reuters reported Monday.

The controversial products, according to Amazon, were sold online by third-party sellers.

“All Marketplace sellers must follow our selling guidelines and those who don’t will be subject to action including potential removal of their account,” an Amazon spokesperson told Reuters. “The products in question are no longer available.”

As of Tuesday, the items were removed from Amazon’s site, but a Google search of the slogan on the shopping website found a number of links that redirect to former item pages.

The design of the product shows the slogan, “slavery gets sh-t done,” with a background image of what appears to be the Egyptian pyramids, which are thought to have been built by slaves.

Amazon’s decision to move the products from its website comes two weeks after H&M removed a product featuring the slogan “Coolest Monkey in the Jungle,” modeled by a black child.


H&M recently removed a product featuring the slogan "Coolest Monkey in the Jungle" modeled by a black child.

While the child’s mother told those who were offended by the advertisement to “stop crying wolf” and to “get over it,” some angered customers called the Stockholm-based retailer racist, and vandalized a string of stores in South Africa.

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