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    Boy with double-hand transplant's next goal: play football

    Florida teen survives rare amoeba infection that kills most people

    Police officer catches baby tossed from window of burning home

    Pet store shopper returns lost wallet with $3,400 inside


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    The essential question of 2016: What else is Hillary hiding?

    Target bathroom boycott: Will retailer keep flushing profits down the toilet?

    John Stossel: Why Johnson and Weld are much better than Clinton or Trump

    Greg Gutfeld: So, are you a troll?

    Business Leaders

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    What Did Ryan Lochte Really Do?

    EpiPen Price Gouging Came As Mylan Pulled Off Tax Inversion

    Here's What Makes a Great CEO According to Employees

    Tesla Reveals 100 Kilowatt Battery for Model S and X Cars


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    Epipen was Mylan CEO's 'baby': Now she's in the hot seat

    Woman paralyzed after branch falls on her in San Francisco park

    EpiPen execs got huge raises after price hikes

    Sea anemone proteins could help fix damaged hearing


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    Murder suspect's tweet could make him eligible for death penalty

    Facebook has given you a political label -- find out where (it thinks) you stand

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    Kate Gosselin explains tough decision to send son away

    Miranda Lambert brings boyfriend Anderson East on stage

    Ryan Lochte's girlfriend is standing by him

    Britney Spears says she 'almost drowned' in Hawaii


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    Air & Space

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    Alien megastructure? 'Tabby's star' continues to baffle scientists

    Digging History

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    Incredible images offer first glimpse of sunken WWII-era aircraft carrier

    Wild Nature

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    Watch this stunning close-up of a sixgill shark

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    White House

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    Obama visits flood-damaged Louisiana after criticism he should have come sooner


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    Former chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. John Vessey dies at 94

    Media Buzz

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    Behind the sudden shakeup: Why Trump rebelled against being managed

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