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    Effort seeks to improve health of young people with HIV

    NBTY to genetically test herbal supplements under NY accord

    In annual ritual, Delhi struggles with dengue, chikungunya

    Twitter may open door to people's thoughts on heart health


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    Judge Napolitano: The one essential word that was missing from the first debate

    Christian school goes to court to defend a 30-second pregame prayer

    Our biased mainstream media loves Hillary. Their adoration could cost her the election

    Five lessons we can all learn from Shimon Peres


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    Air & Space

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    Elon Musk unveils ambitious Mars colonization plan

    Digging History

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    Neanderthals fashioned 'jewelry' out of animal teeth and shells

    Planet Earth

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    Watch a dolphin jump onto a surfer

    Wild Nature

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    Dogs will ignore your lousy advice

    Food & Drink

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    Where to score a free cup of joe on National Coffee Day

    How Quest won the battle of the protein bars

    Uber starts food delivery in Japan after ride-share stumbles

    Ample Hills rolls out gourmet Clinton, Trump ice cream flavors

    Reagan's Life and Near Death

    Continue to Reagan's Life and Near Death

    How an assassination attempt changed Ronald Reagan's presidency -- and history

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    Jessie James Decker explains why she and husband Eric Decker schedule sex

    Sharon Osbourne goes after Melania Trump

    Neil Patrick Harris turned down 'Live' hosting gig before it was offered to Michael Strahan

    Gordon Ramsay is banned from parents' nights at kid's school

    Business Leaders

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    Controlling Shareholder to Call on Viacom, CBS to Explore Merger

    How Snapchat Trumped Twitter at Presidential Debate

    Fed's Yellen Defends Regulatory Role, Raises Stress Test Changes

    Duke Energy CEO: Natural Gas is A Real Game Changer

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    An Apple employee just leaked details about the iPhone 8

    'Decoding the Civil War': Tech unlocks Union telegrams

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