5 family-friendly Fourth of July films

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In between munching grilled classics, basking in the summer sunshine, and wearing everything red, white, and blue, you may find yourself craving some much-needed couch time. In that case, you'll need some holiday appropriate movie choices -- and we have the ideal list.

With Independence Day, it would be a failure to discuss movies and not mention the recent release of the new film, "Independence Day: Resurgence." A sequel to the original film "Independence Day," this new movie hit the box office with a bang and quickly plummeted in sales.

The attempt to revamp the 1996 classic, consisted of a long set-up for a third movie, and didn't manage to keep viewers very entertained. The original, however, was an all-around success and definitely worth a watch with family and friends.

"Independence Day" is just one of the many freedom-focused movies out there, and some favorites such as "The Patriot," "Saving Private Ryan," and "Top Gun," are classics for older crowds. But if you need some options for the young-ins too-- we've got you covered:

'The Sandlot'
Not only are these hilarious boys avid players of the most American pastime, they portray the American spirit in the best way possible through this delightful coming of age movie with a baseball backdrop. You'll be laughing hysterically at the antics of Scotty Smalls as he and his friends embark on their summer adventures. Adults and children alike are certain to enjoy this light summertime film.

'Forrest Gump'
This feel-good movie takes us on a journey with the simple Forrest Gump who only wants to be with his childhood love, Jenny. Traveling all over the country, Gump, played by Tom Hanks, joins the Army, meets the president and portrays the overall message of freedom and love winning out in all settings. If you haven't already seen it, you'll realize why this movie is heavily quoted and revered by most Americans.

'National Treasure'
Watch Benjamin Gates, played by Nicolas Cage, hunt for long lost treasure that was apparently hidden by the Founding Fathers. This adventure-mystery film involves important American relics and loads of history facts that celebrate the great nation of the United States. This thriller takes place mostly in our nation's capitol and is a perfect watch on Independence Day.

'An American Tail'
This animated film chronicles the journey of the young Russian mouse Fievel Mousekewitz on his journey to America. This film exemplifies the importance of independence as this brave young critter finds his way through the streets of the New Country. Perfect for very young children and a great explanation of American values.

An unlikely but inspiring U.S. Olympic hockey team goes up against the seemingly untouchable Russian team in this classic 1980 story -- led by their devoted coach played by Kurt Russell. This film displays the true story of the player who became coach and led the team to an historic moment. The spirit, dedication and victorious American spirit displayed by these characters is ideal for any July 4, and wonderful for all viewers, sports fans or not.