David Guetta’s Mexico-Inspired Video Prompts Backlash, Outrage


 (Youtube )

David Guetta, Ne-Yo and Akon’s new video is under fire for being stereotypical and for portraying Mexicans in a slightly racist manner.

The video clip for Guetta’s new dance beat track, called “Play Hard,” features elaborated scenes with Mexicans at a rodeo having pointy boots dance competitions, overly-tattooed gang members, and beauty pageant winners sucking on frozen ice pops — alluding to a sexual underlying meaning. 

Cuban-American blogger Perez Hilton deemed the video “wacky and tacky” and asked his blog readers if they thought the video was just a big dud and rip-off from Alice Deejay’s 1999 classic club single “Better Off Alone.”

Houston Press writer Marco Torres, a Mexican-American, vented his frustrations with the video.

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“There are so many "What the F***" moments in this video, I had to play it five times in order to count them all,” he wrote on his blog entry for the publication.

Other users, Mexican and non Mexican alike, voiced their outrage on the video and urged others to do the same and click the dislike button on the page. And according to Torres, the users found themselves pissed with the “over-the-top, stereotypical and overtly racist portrayal of Mexico and Mexicans in the video.”

Mexican entertainment gossip site TV Notas (equivalent to TMZ in the States) reported on the controversial music clip and according to them Guetta meant absolutely no harm and that he said his only intentions were to poke fun at the stereotypes of Mexico and Mexicans.

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