Woman accused of stealing money from housing agency to buy car, breast implants

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FRAMINGHAM, Mass. — Federal agents say $70,000 went missing from the Framingham Housing Authority, and a woman was caught living off of the money.

Sources told FOX25 Rosa Famania used the money for vacations, a brand new car, and breast implants.

Famania was an accounting assistant with the Framingham Housing Authority and is accused of stealing 181 cash rental payments from tenants who are on fixed incomes.

Investigators said Famania would not deposit the cash, and would adjust the tenant’s rent amount on the computer and pocket the rest of the money.

Federal investigators said about $55,000 went into a joint account with her live-in boyfriend. Authorities also told FOX25 money orders totaling $18,000 went into another one of Famania’s accounts.

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FOX25 went to their Milford home, and the boyfriend answered the door, but had nothing to say.

Many tenants living in the housing complex said they are struggling, and to find out that someone allegedly stole thousands from the system had them furious.

“Why? She's got a good paying job. Why do that? The people she's taking it from, they couldn't afford it,” tenant Pat Dubowlik said.  “I don't like being taken advantage by anyone.”

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