Vietnam braces for Typhoon Sarika as death toll rises to 31

Vietnam is bracing itself for the full brunt Typhoon Sarika, which has already brought torrential rains and deadly floods on Monday.

The death toll in the country rose to 31 after central parts of Vietnam suffered heavy rains triggered by the typhoon. Authorities are reportedly still searching for a person who was reported missing.

The typhoon reportedly sustained winds of 103 mph and gusts of up to 124 mph.

Sarika is expected to bring heavy rains Tuesday night and Wednesday to the northeastern part of Vietnam. Significant impacts are expected across the region.

Local authorities are being urged by the government to prepare to evacuate people in high risk areas.

Vietnam is susceptible to floods and storms, as they kill hundreds of people each year, causing a great deal of damage.

The typhoon killed two people and displaced nearly 150,000 people in the Philippines over the weekend. Sarika, leaving a destructive path thus far left over 240,000 people without power.

The northern parts of the Philippines could be expecting another typhoon hit later in the week.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.