Video appears to show movements of 'man in white' after Brussels airport attack

A chilling new video released by Belgian authorities Thursday shows the elusive "man in white" escaping Brussels airport last month after helping to carry out a devastating terror attack, officials said.

The two-minute clip, apparently spliced from a series of surveillance videos, shows the unidentified man striding purposely from Zaventem Airport, moving into a nearby town and then making his way to Brussels, where he disappeared. Authorities also released still photos of the man fleeing the scene of the bombing, for which ISIS has claimed credit.

The suspect, in a white jacket and dark hat, became Europe's most wanted man after a security camera captured him and two suicide bombers pushing suitcases packed with explosives just before the March 22 attack. The other two men died in the attack, which was followed 79 minutes later by a suicide bombing at a metro station. In all, 32 people and three suicide bombers died.

Belgian Federal Prosecutor Eric Van der Sypt said authorities were especially interested in anyone who may have filmed the man. He was wearing a dark hat and light jacket and it is believed that at some point he discarded his jacket.

The appeal to the public for help more than two weeks after the suicide bombings could indicate investigators have hit a standstill.

A timeline released by authorities showed the man, still wearing the hat, left the terminal at 7:58 a.m., the exact moment the two men he was with detonated their suitcases. He passed by a Sheraton hotel, walked through the town of Zaventem, discarded his jacket, and was seen on video footage at Meiser square in northeastern Brussels at 9:42 a.m.

Eight minutes later, his trail vanishes.

Belgian authorities are hoping that they or someone finds the discarded, light-colored jacket, saying it could yield precious clues. Federal Prosecutor Thierry Werts also said there had been many people around the hotel when the suspect walked by who may now be overseas, and asked for their assistance as well.

Prosecutors asked "people who might have filmed or taken a photograph of the suspect or think they can provide extra information" to call a special telephone number or to email authorities.

Earlier Thursday, the lawyer for Paris attacks suspect Salah Abdeslam said it will take some weeks before his client can be extradited from Belgium to France.

Sven Mary spoke after a legal hearing on the Belgian-born French citizen's continuing detention in Belgium. He said the existing "Belgian arrest warrant must be lifted for (Abdeslam's) transfer" to France, in accordance with the extradition request.

Mary said before Belgian authorities allow Abdeslam to leave they want to question the 26-year-old about another case -- a deadly police raid in the Forest neighborhood of Brussels days before his arrest.

Abdeslam fled to Belgium after the deadly Nov. 13 attacks on Paris and was arrested March 18 after four months on the run. Since his arrest he has been in a prison in the Belgian city of Bruges.

He faces preliminary terrorism charges in France for the Paris attacks, which killed 130 people and left hundreds wounded.

The Associated Press contributed to this report