The Latest: 6 Iranians sew their mouths shut in protest against tightened security on borders

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The latest on the mass movement of asylum seekers and others seeking refuge in Europe:

Six Iranian migrants have sewn their mouths shut during a protest near the village of Idomeni at the Greek-Macedonia border.

They took the action Monday as several hundred migrants, many from Iran and Morocco, protested for a fourth straight day at the border.

Macedonia and other Balkan countries have toughened criteria for border crossings in the wake of the deadly Nov. 13 Paris attacks.

Police say 2,900 people crossed the border into Macedonia in the 24 hours before 6 a.m. Monday, down from more than 6,000 on the previous day.


12:05 p.m.

Poland's new interior minister says the decision by the previous government to accept 7,000 refugees was "wrong."

Mariusz Blaszczak said on state radio on Monday that the new government will make "no compromises" as far as the security of the Poles is concerned.

He did not say whether the government will reverse the decision that was part of the European Union's plan to share some 160,000 refugees who came to Italy and Greece.

The new conservative Cabinet of Prime Minister Beata Szydlo was sworn in last week.