Taliban claims responsibility behind poisoned soldiers at Afghanistan base

The Taliban claimed Monday that they had poisoned soldiers at a U.S. base in Afghanistan by recruiting a cook who worked there.

Sources told Fox News that a "couple" of U.S. troops were sickened and have since recovered since traces of bleach were found in food at a NATO base in Nangarhar Province. No one was seriously injured.

"No one got sick," said Lt. Col. Chad Carroll, a spokesman for international forces in the east. He said that a dining facility worker told his superiors that food might have been tampered with, and when they ran tests they found "traces of bleach in a couple of foods."

"We do not know if this was intentional, if it was what the local worker was referring to, or whether it was simply spillage from cleaning," Carroll said.

The incident was reported just days after anti-U.S. protests in Afghanistan in connection to the burnings of Korans at a NATO military base near Kabul.

Navy Capt. John Kirby said testing did reveal higher levels of chlorine in coffee and on fruit served at the facility. An investigation is ongoing, he told reporters during a briefing at the Pentagon on Monday.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.