Syrian media: 2 bombs explode near famous Damascus bazaar, killing at least 1 person

A state-run Syrian TV channel says two bombs have exploded near a famous Damascus bazaar, killing at least one person.

The Al-Ikhbariya station says Thursday's explosions close to the Hamidiyeh market in the old quarter of Damascus also wounded seven people.

The TV says one of the bombs was detonated near a souk, killing one man and wounding six people, while the other struck on a nearby street, wounding one man.

The TV also said "terrorists" — the term the government uses for rebels fighting to topple President Bashar Assad — fired a mortar round that slammed into Damascus' al-Shaghour neighborhood. No one was hurt in that attack, which the TV says caused some material damage.

Bombs and mortar attacks are not uncommon in Damascus, Assad's seat of power.