Syrian boy purportedly fakes death to save girl in viral video

Editor's Note: This video was later determined to be staged.

A video from a Syrian activist group purportedly showing a young Syrian boy faking death during heavy sniper fire to rescue a girl has gone viral after being posted online Monday.

The one-minute clip, uploaded to YouTube by the Shaam News Network, appears to show the boy fall down as bullets fly around him -- and then dramatically get back up to lead the girl to safety.

The boy and the girl -- who was hiding behind a car -- run away hand-in-hand and both appear to survive.

A group of men who filmed the scene from behind a brick wall shout “Allahu akbar!” (God is great) as the boy carries out the purported rescue effort, according to The Telegraph.

The video’s authenticity cannot be independently confirmed, but it has received nearly 200,000 views.

Experts told The Telegraph they have no reason to doubt that the video is real.