Southern China landslide kills 4, leaves 44 missing as death toll from floods rises to 3,185

BEIJING (AP) — Rescuers were searching for 44 people missing Thursday after a landslide hit a village in southern China and killed at least four people.

Workers rescued 23 people buried under rubble in Wama village in the southwestern province of Yunnan after the rain-triggered landslide hit Wednesday night, the official Xinhua News Agency reported.

Rescue efforts could be hindered as the Central Meteorological Station expects more heavy rains through the weekend.

China regularly suffers devastating summer floods, but this year has been the worst in a decade, with towns washed away in the northeast and northwest of the country. The storms have caused tens of billions of dollars in damage and left hundreds dead.

Xinhua reported late Tuesday that the death toll from floods has risen to 3,185, with more than 1,000 people still missing across the country.