South Korea says 125,000 Volkswagen's Tiguan diesel cars cheated its emissions tests

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South Korea's Ministry of Environment says it found that Volkswagen rigged emissions in 125,000 Tiguan diesel vehicles sold in the country since 2008.

Hong Dong Gon, a director at the ministry, said Thursday in a live television broadcast that the ministry will continue investigating 30,000 other Volkswagen diesel cars where it did not find evidence of emissions cheating.

South Korea's government launched investigations last month after the German automaker admitted that it rigged U.S. tests so it would appear that its diesel-powered cars were emitting fewer nitrogen oxides, which can contribute to ozone buildup and respiratory illness.

Hong said the Tiguan diesel's emissions breached standards when the car was not under the usual test conditions, such as when the air conditioner was on or when the car accelerated its speed.