Sicilian town had long, bloody past before "Godfather" fame

Corleone is a Sicilian medieval hill town whose bloody past began generations before "The Godfather" novels and films borrowed its name for a fictional Mafia don.

It's the birthplace of several convicted real-life Mafia bosses, among them Salvatore "Toto" Riina, the reputed "boss of bosses," who died Friday at 87 in a prison ward of a northern Italian hospital.

Corleone has witnessed recent signs of rebellion against an entrenched Mafia culture where religious pageants pay tribute to reigning mob bosses. A town square is named after anti-Mafia magistrates slain by the Cosa Nostra bombings in 1992.

But City Hall is currently run by authorities sent from Rome's Interior Ministry, after the municipal government was dissolved by government decree due to Mafia infiltration.