Serb man accused of war crimes in Kosovo

A Kosovo prosecutor has brought war crime charges against a Serb man for crimes during the 1998-99 war.

A statement Thursday said the man, identified only as D.T., was accused by an international prosecutor of robbery, destruction and crimes against personal and human dignity.

It said that he was a member of Serb paramilitaries who on March 25, 1999, along with the Serb army attacked the village of Krushe e Vogel, 90 kilometers (55 miles) southwest of Pristina. The civilian population "suffered brutal and illegal murders," the statement said.

The man was arrested last year as he entered Kosovo from neighboring Serbia.

About 10,000 people died and about 1,650 remain missing from the war.

A three-month NATO air war in 1999 stopped a bloody Serb crackdown against ethnic Albanian separatists. Kosovo declared independence in 2008 but Serbia does not recognize it.