Senegalese party chooses ex-president's son, on trial for graft, as presidential candidate

Senegal's opposition party has chosen the former president's son, now on trial for corruption, as their candidate for the next presidential election.

The move comes just 48 hours before a verdict is expected in the trial of Karim Wade, who is accused of amassing around $200 million while he served in the government of his father, former President Abdoulaye Wade. Karim's supporters say the trial is part of a political vendetta being waged by President Macky Sall against his old rival.

The Senegalese Democratic Party chose Karim on Saturday. While he held several ministerial posts under his father, Karim was soundly beaten when he ran in municipal elections in 2009.

The next election is expected in 2017, pending a referendum to reduce the presidential term from seven to five years.