Satellite photos show North Korea apparently prepping to reuse launch site

Satellite images obtained exclusively by Fox News show what appears to be another launch pad being constructed at the Panghyon Airbase in North Pyongyang, North Korea, in the past week -- at the same site of the July 4 intercontinental ballistic missile launch.

Analysts at Image Sat International spotted the construction just days after the rogue nation launched an ICBM that North Korea claimed was powerful enough to carry a “super-heavy nuclear warhead” that could strike the “mainland of the U.S.”

According to the ImageSat analysts, who are closely following North Korean military activity, this is “the first time that they have decided to rebuild a site that they have used before.”

(Image Sat International)

The photos, dated Nov. 23 and 24, appear to show the development of another launch pad just a few yards away from the one used during the July 4 Hwasong-14 ICBM launch, as well as a newly renovated access road.

Constructed in the 1980s, the Panghyon site is North Korea's primary aircraft production, repair, and research facility.

The satellite images also show the construction of an aircraft hangar, as well as airplanes being moved and stored in hangers on the tarmac.

With the recent launch of another ICBM and the construction of additional launching pads, North Korea continues to defy the U.S.-led world outrage over its nuclear program and is determined to bring it to completion.