Rescued tigers, bear get new life in Jordan wildlife refuge

An animal rescue group, Four Paws, says two tigers and a bear are spending their first day in a new wildlife reserve in northern Jordan.

Heli Dunger, head of Four Paws, said Sunday that 25 animals in total are being released into the Al-Ma'wa Reserve near the town of Jerash. The animals are being trucked to the 150-hectare (370-acre) reserve over a period of three days, ending Monday.

Many of the 17 lions, five wolves, two tigers and a bear named Baloo were confiscated from smugglers.

Dunger says that the animals taken to the reserve "all have a horrific past."

Two lion cubs were brought to Jordan from the Gaza Strip last year, while another two were rescued after Jordanian authorities arrested smugglers advertising the cubs on Facebook.