Red-haired British kids say they were attacked during 'Kick a Ginger Day'

British authorities are investigating whether red-headed children were targeted during a so-called “Kick a Ginger Day” that may have been inspired by a similar prank portrayed on the television show “South Park,” the Daily Telegraph reported.

Parents at the Wingfield Academy in Rotherham, Yorkshire, an 850-student school with pupils aged between 11 and 16, have created a Facebook group that depicts pictures of their children’s bruises that they claim came at the hands of fellow students. At least six students said they were targeted.

“My son rang me and said kids were kicking him, saying it was National Kick a Ginger Kid Day,” said one mother who wished to remain anonymous. “He was scared so I went to get him out of school.”

A spokesman for the school said the actions have “no place” in the school and said the students involved have been “strongly reprimanded.”

It was not immediately clear what sparked the attacks, though authorities are bracing for another round of bullying as several websites have tabbed Nov. 20 as the official “Kick a Ginger Day.”

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