A radio station Tuesday reinstated a prominent journalist whose dismissal from her news show provoked a debate over freedom of expression in Mexico.

Carmen Aristegui, a Mexican media celebrity who also has a talk show on the TV channel CNN en Espanol, will return to her morning drive-time show next week, MVS announced on its website.

Less than two weeks after firing her, the station said its discussions with Aristegui and public comments about her radio show led to the decision to reinstate her.

MVS had said it fired Aristegui because she violated the station's code of ethics. It gave no further explanation but Aristegui said she was let go for comments she made about a lawmaker's allegation that President Felipe Calderon is an alcoholic.

The lawmaker offered no evidence for his claim. Calderon's office has denied it.

Aristegui had a lengthy discussion about the allegation on Feb. 7, saying it was serious and Calderon should respond. She refused to apologize and said MVS is under government pressure because it is awaiting approval to renew its radio frequency concession.

Officials said the government had nothing do with Aristegui's dismissal.

The controversy over her firing blew up on Twitter and caused a congressional debate, with many people coming to her defense but others criticizing her decision to address the alcoholism allegation.