Police seek woman who forced child to smoke in video

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Police in Argentina are trying to find a woman who was caught on video making a young girl smoke a hand-rolled cigarette.

The video was first posted on social media by a public Facebook group, Circulo Policial Argentino (Argentine Police Circle), on May 5, and it shows the woman holding a cigarette. Although it’s unclear what the woman was smoking, the manner in which she inhales suggests it contained marijuana.

She lets the girl – presumably her daughter who looks about the age of 6 – take a drag, saying, “See how it is. This is smoking.”

According to Circulo Policial Argentino, the video, sent anonymously, was recorded in the Buenos Aires section of Pompeya.

“If anyone has more information, please let us know,” the May 5 post reads. It then includes a telephone number of the National Ministry for Youth.

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After having the girl take the first puff, the woman takes a drag herself, holding the smoke in.

She offers the cigarette to the girl a second time, but she shakes her head vigorously.

“Go on,” the woman exhorts her. “The last one for your Aunt Ramona.”

Eventually, the little girl obliges.

Since being posted, the clip has been seen more than 66,000 times. The reaction online has been overwhelmingly harsh. “I don’t wish death on anyone,” one Facebook commentator said, “but this woman … How can she do that to this little girl?”

On Live Leak, the site says of the woman’s action, “This is child abuse and absolutely horrifying.”

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