Pet Parrot Snitches On His Drunk Driving Owner At Cop Checkpoint

Polly ran her mouth and it was all over from there.

A driver was busted for drunk driving last week in Mexico City after his parakeet ratted him out to police.

Guillermo Reyes, 49, was pulled over at a routine alcohol checkpoint and when he exited his Blue Chevy to be tested, the merciless parrot squeaked him out.

"Está borracho, Está borracho" ("He's drunk, He's drunk)" said the voice in Spanish from the back of the car, El Universal reports.

Initially, police believed another person was sitting in the back of Reyes' vehicle, but to their surprise the incriminating statements came from no other than his green-feathered friend.

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After his owner failed the sobriety test, the Animal Surveillance Brigade arrived to take the bird away.

However, Reyes pleaded with police not to separate him from his parrot for fear his feathered companion would die if left alone.

The police complied and both were taken into custody to sober up and stay the night in jail.

At least they had each other.

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