Penis Graffiti 'Discovered' On Mars

Talk about a controversial image! Who would have thought there was, uh, junk on Mars?

Nasa Scientists are under fire after allegedly using a rover to draw a huge penis on Mars.

The scientist then apparently took the practical joke online and posted a photo of the graffiti penis on Nasa’s website.

A Reddit user spotted the photo, which looked strikingly similar to a man’s private parts.

The rover used to draw the image is named Opportunity, which has travelled more than six miles of Martian land while being maneuvered by scientists on Earth.

On Reddit the caption of the wild photo read: 'Mars Rover = $800m, Team to operate = $1bn. Drawing a penis on the surface of another planet = priceless.'

The image became so popular, Nasa’s web portal shut down because so many people tried to see the picture.

Nasa has not yet made an official comment on the photo.

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