ASUNCION, Paraguay (AP) — Paraguayan President Fernando Lugo will conduct his official duties from home while he undergoes chemotherapy for lymphatic cancer, the government said Sunday.

Earlier in the day, a physician, Alfredo Boccia, had said Lugo was doing well 10 days after this first chemotherapy session, but should avoid contact others because of the danger of catching a respiratory tract infection.

Lugo, a 59-year-old former Roman Catholic priest, is being treated for what doctors have described as three apparently low-grade lymphoma — in the groin, chest and the third lumbar vertebra.

Despite the restrictions on contact with the public, Lugo is to be visited by three laboratory technicians on Tuesday to take samples for a DNA test.

The test was ordered by Judge Ana Ovelar to determine whether a nearly 3-year-old child was fathered by Lugo, as claimed by Hortensia Damiana Moran.

She is one of three women claiming that Lugo fathered their children.