Norway: Ryanair settles with former employee

A Norwegian trade union says Europe's biggest budget airline has reached a settlement with a former Italian employee who sued Ryanair over her dismissal and working conditions.

Parat union lawyer Christen Horn Johannessen said Friday that Ryanair has chosen to pay Alessandra Cocca 570,000 kroner ($67,500), the equivalent of three years of salary.

Cocca was hired in 2012 as a flight attendant, and based at an airport near Oslo. Less than a year later, Cocca who compared her job to a "slave contract" and reported a senior colleague for smelling of alcohol, was dismissed.

Norwegian courts had ruled local labor laws applied because she was based in Norway, prompting Ryanair to close down its Rygge airport base, and claiming it should be in Ireland, where Ryanair is registered.