"No Speak English, No Service" Sign Removed from North Carolina Restaurant

A sign that said "No Speak English, No Service" was taken down from a Lexington restaurant in North Carolina on Tuesday.

Greg Simons said he took down the sign from his restaurant, the Reedy Creek Family Diner, after being bombarded with complaints.

"We started getting threatening phone calls and people using colorful language if you will," Simons said.

The sign said at the very bottom, "We only speak and understand American." Besides American English, the "No Speak English, No Service" phrase was also translated into French, German, Russian and Spanish.

About a month ago Simons said he posted the sign after he and his wait staff were put into an uncomfortable situation with a group of customers.

"They got offended because we couldn't speak any Spanish. They were frustrated. I was frustrated as well and they left. Unfortunately I don't have anybody here that's bilingual," said Simons.

Simons believes people are taking his sign out of context, making a racial issue out of something he says is merely a communication issue.

"It doesn't really make any sense to me. Why would I want to alienate any customers?" Simons said.

Regardless, people not only called the restaurant to complain but also made comments on their Facebook pages.

One woman wrote, "It's pretty stupid to have that on the front door. I'm German, not English. Should they serve me?"

Simons said he is planning to keep his sign down, hoping he will not have any more problems.

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