A vessel flying the Chinese flag and headed toward Cuba was reportedly captured by Colombian authorities. It was carrying at least multiple containers loaded with ammunition for heavy artillery.

According to Colombian newspaper El Tiempo, the ship was stopped at the port of Cartagena on Friday after narcotics officers received a tip about weapons.

Upon investigating, port officials found that at least seven of the 14 containers on the vessel contained ammunition. The ship did not have the proper documentation for the transport of weapons.

A source told El Tiempo that the vessel’s final destination, after scheduled stops in Cartegena and Barranquilla to drop off oil containers, was Cuba.

Ammunition was addressed to a commercial business on the island nation.

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The newspaper reported the vessel had the appropriate documentation for the containers that were to be left in Cartagena.

This incident is reminiscent to the North Korean ship that was stopped in the summer of 2013 while crossing the Panama Canal which was discovered to be carrying live missiles and other armaments from Cuba. The weapons were hidden underneath a load of sugar.

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