Muslim Brotherhood bloc wins 15 of 130 seats in Jordan vote

The opposition Muslim Brotherhood says its electoral bloc won 15 seats in Jordan's 130-member parliament.

It made the announcement Thursday, two days after 1.5 million Jordanians voted for parliament under a new proportional system.

The Muslim Brotherhood's political arm, the Islamic Action Front, boycotted elections in 2010 and 2013 to protest the previous system, which it said unfairly favored pro-monarchy tribal representatives.

The IAF-led coalition will be the largest voting bloc in the new parliament, enough to serve as a vocal opposition but likely too small to challenge establishment legislators.

Election officials said the number of female legislators rose from 18 to 20, including 15 on a women's quota and five who won competitively. Newcomer Huda Etoum, 52, will be the second woman in parliament to wear a face veil.