Moldova TV calls off political broadcast after protesters threaten to storm studio

Moldova's national television station canceled a political talk show Friday after 100 anti-government protesters threatened to storm the studio.

The Moldova 1 national television station announced it would no longer air a live political debate on the government's anti-corruption drive and economic reforms featuring three political leaders from the pro-European government after protesters vowed to disrupt the program.

Tens of thousands protested Sunday against the government of this East European nation, demanding a probe into the estimated $1.5 billion that disappeared from three Moldovan banks ahead of last year's November parliamentary election. A few hundred protesters remain camped out in a pedestrian square.

In an attempt to defuse the tension, Moldova's prime minister said Friday his government's priorities are reforming the justice system and fighting corruption. Prime Minister Valeriu Strelet met parliamentary speaker Andrian Candu on Friday to discuss reforms, the energy sector and improving the country's business climate.

The state-owned Savings Bank, the Social Bank and Unibank, from which the money disappeared before the parliamentary election, were put under the National Bank of Moldova's administration in December. The losses were covered by state reserves.