Merkel's new partners present Cabinet members, bring back ex-foreign minister as top diplomat

Chancellor Angela Merkel's new coalition partners are bringing back a former foreign minister, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, as Germany's top diplomat in a government team that combines familiar faces with newcomers.

The center-left Social Democrats will have six ministers in the conservative Merkel's 16-member Cabinet. Party leader Sigmar Gabriel will become vice chancellor and economy minister, with new powers to oversee Germany's transition from nuclear to renewable energy.

Gabriel presented the ministers Sunday. He described Steinmeier, who was foreign minister from 2005-9, as "perhaps Germany's most distinguished foreign policy expert."

A deputy party leader with Turkish roots, Aydan Ozuguz, will become the government official responsible for immigrant issues, a job that's one rung below Cabinet rank.

Parliament is expected to elect Merkel for a third term as chancellor Tuesday.