Massive great white shark reportedly hooked off coast of Mexico

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A great white shark nearly 20 feet long and weighing 2,000 pounds was reportedly hooked by commercial fishermen in the Sea of Cortez in northwestern Mexico.

The massive catch, according to local reports by Milenio News, would be one of the longest great white sharks ever recorded if verified at a length 19.8 feet, or 6 meters.

The shark, which was dead when it was brought to the surface, was netted by fishermen named Guadalupe and Baltazar, according to reports.

"We were amazed and immediately realized that we had a huge, dead, great white shark, and then we thought 'what are we going to do?'" Guadalupe told Pisces Sportfishing in Cabo San Lucas.

The fishermen towed the shark's carcass 2 miles to the beach while aboard their 22-foot-long ship. Dozens of people then helped drag the animal onto the sand, reports say.

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