Mainstream moderate Portuguese parties expected to prevail in election despite more austerity

Portuguese voters are electing a new government, with moderate mainstream parties expected to triumph after more radical alternatives failed to exploit public discontent over austerity measures.

The eurozone's financial crisis and a 78 billion-euro ($87 billion) bailout in 2011 pushed Portugal into a three-year recession.

The center-right coalition government has increased taxes and cut pay, pensions and public services. With the economy growing again, the government says austerity is paying off.

The main opposition Socialist Party says it's time to start easing the tax burden and quicken growth.

Opinion polls indicate the governing coalition parties and the Socialists, which all vow to abide by the eurozone's financial rules, will collect around 70 percent of Sunday's vote.

Unlike in some other eurozone countries, no prominent radical parties emerged in Portugal.