Libya's presidency council tells ministers to start working

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Libya's U.N.-established presidency council has effectively given the go-ahead for 18 government ministers to start work, even though they have not received backing from the parliament based in the country's east.

Monday's development is an effort to bypass a political deadlock that continues to grip this North African country.

The council was created under a U.N.-brokered unity deal to reconcile Libya's many political divisions. But it has failed to secure a vote of confidence by the country's internationally-recognized parliament, based in Tobruk, a city in eastern Libya.

The U.N. deal also created a de facto Cabinet to administer the country under Prime Minister-designate Fayez Serraj.

Divisions in the Tobruk parliament between boycotters and supporters of the new government have prevented the house from reaching a quorum to endorse the council.