Left-wing opposition in Faeroe Islands set to govern after winning early elections

Left-leaning opposition parties in the Faeroe Islands say they are set to govern the semi-autonomous Danish territory after defeating the prime minister's right-leaning party in elections.

Social Democratic leader Aksel V. Johannesen, whose Javnadarflokkurin party surged 7 percent for eight seats in the 33-member Parliament, says he will try to form a coalition with the Tjodveldisflokkurin party, after seven years of right-wing rule on the Atlantic archipelago of 50,000 people. Such a government likely would include other parties.

Prime Minister Kaj Leo Johannesen's Sambandsflokkurin party, which has led the government since 2008, lost votes and has six parliamentary seats.

Johannesen called Tuesday's election after he faced a confidence vote for not divulging a 6-billion-kroner ($900-million) cost of constructing two underwater tunnels that join some of the archipelago's 18 major islands.