The topic of undocumented immigrants is often linked to the Latino community. It’s something that members of the community believe needs to change.

"Why don’t we talk about ways to enable the Hispanic voice in leadership roles? Why can’t we talk about how many people can be a part of (political) cabinets?" said Cuban-American Glen Llopis. "Why can’t we talk about Hispanics playing a greater role in corporations?"

Llopis is expanding the conversation as the founder of the 2012 Hispanic Voice Town Hall tour. The goal of the non-partisan venture is to define an agenda for the constantly growing Latino demographic when it comes to influencing the future of America.

For Latinos, Immigration More Personal than Political

"America has given us the platform, so what are we going to do with it?" said Llopis.

During a tour stop at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV), participants discussed the purchasing power of Latinos, preparing community members for leadership roles, and the importance of working together as a group despite their differences.

"Immigration is a big topic being played throughout the media, but at the end of the day, we need to talk more about creating jobs," said attendee Abraham Camejo.

Almost Half of Latino Voters Find 'Illegal Immigrant' Offensive

Another town hall attendee, Gil López, enjoyed the non-partisan atmosphere and said, "it’s important to have everyone with different ideologies and ways of thinking" at the town hall.

Michelle Booth shared the same sentiment, adding that "hopefully we’re able to find common threads and issues" since the Hispanic community is so diverse.

Llopis believes the time is now to show the influence of Latinos in America, especially during an election year.

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"Hispanics, historically, we’ve been sold. It’s time that we stop being sold and people start earning that trust from out community, but that begins within our community."

The town hall tour has already made stops in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, with plans for another event on March 27 in Denver, Colorado.

Pete Griffin is a Junior Reporter in Las Vegas for Fox News.com.

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