Kitten travels 300 miles in Navy pilot's car

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Well, this car certainly purrs.

A fighter pilot for the United Kingdom reportedly found a kitten inside his BMW’s bumper after travelling 300 miles.

The pilot, Lt. Nick Grimmer, said he heard meowing from his car after traveling from Birmingham Airport. After he arrived at the Royal Air Station in Cornwall, he finally found the cat in the bumper.

His colleagues from the 814 Naval Air Squadron known as the Flying Tigers named the kitten, fittingly, Tigger, the BBC reported.

While fellow airmen look for its owner, the cat has become something of a mascot and enjoys sleeping in the pilot’s helmet.

Commander Brendan Spoors, the commanding officer, told The Birmingham Mail he would be happy to adopt the cat and likened its adoption to similar traditions on naval ships. But he did instruct the officers to continue looking for its owner.

"Tigger must have an owner somewhere between here and Birmingham and we are keen to locate them. I instructed my team to launch 'Operation Tiger Kitten.'"