Juvenile suspect in India gang rape reportedly ripped her intestines out in attack

Gruesome details have emerged about the fatal gang rape of a 23-year-old woman in India last month, with a report that the youngest of the woman’s six attackers—believed to be a juvenile-- was the most brutal, according to a report in the Indian newspaper Hindustan Times.

The paper reported that a charge sheet on the case suggests the juvenile suspect assaulted the female student twice and pulled out her intestines with his bare hands. The juvenile—who Delhi police have not identified while they determine his exact age—also wanted to strip the victim naked and throw her off the moving bus.

Police say the young man subjected the woman to sexual abuse once when she was conscious, and again after she was beaten so severely she lost consciousness.

Police are treating the suspect as a juvenile based on school information, while waiting for a physical report to confirm his age.

While the five other male adult suspects have been charged and may face the death penalty, if the sixth suspect is a juvenile, he could receive a more lenient sentence by law.

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“Of all the persons in the bus, two had engaged in the most barbarism — Ram Singh, the main accused in the case, and the juvenile," an officer told the Hindustan Times.

The victim and her male friend boarded the bus Dec. 16, after seeing a movie. When the bus took a different route, the friend argued with one of the alleged attackers before an altercation ensued.

Police said the juvenile and another suspect hit the male victim in the head with an iron rod which they later inserted into the woman’s body, resulting in severe organ damage.

The woman and her companion were thrown off the bus after the brutal attack. The female victim spent ten days in a New Delhi hospital, where doctors treated her for massive internal injuries. She was later flown to a Singapore hospital specializing in multi-organ transplants, where she died on December 29th.

A hearing on the charges is expected Saturday as part of a new fast-track court developed this week to handle rape cases in New Delhi.

The attack sparked anger and thousands took to the streets across India, demanding stricter laws and police reform in crimes against women.

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The Associated Press contributed to this report.