Israel revokes Al-Jazeera reporter's press permit

Israel says it is revoking the press credentials of an Al-Jazeera reporter after he told another TV station that the work of Palestinian journalists is part of the "resistance."

Nitzan Chen, the head of the Government Press Office, said Wednesday that the remarks raise concerns about Elias Karra's ability to objectively cover the Israel-Palestinian conflict. Karra is an Arab citizen of Israel from Nazareth.

Palestinians use the word "resistance" to refer to violent and non-violent opposition to Israeli policies.

Israel's Communications Minister recently called for banning Al-Jazeera, saying it incites violence.

Al-Jazeera, a pan-Arab satellite network funded by Qatar, has been targeted by Arab nations working to isolate Qatar over the Gulf country's alleged support for extremists. Qatar denies the allegations and has refused Arab calls to shut down Al-Jazeera.