Israel indicts teenage Palestinian girl who slapped soldiers

An Israeli military court has indicted a teenage Palestinian girl who was filmed slapping Israeli soldiers in the West Bank.

It indicted Ahed Tamimi, 16, from the village of Nebi Saleh on Monday for attacking the soldiers as well as for previous altercations. It extended her remand for 8 days.

Her father Bassem called it a "political trial" saying Israel dug up old incidents to "justify her arrest."

Tamimi was filmed in December outside her family home, pushing, kicking and slapping the soldiers, who fended off the blows without retaliating.

Palestinians hailed her as an icon in their fight against Israel. In Israel, the footage sparked debate about the soldiers' refusal to respond.

Tamimi famously bit a soldier's hand as he held her brother in a chokehold in an attempted arrest in 2015.