In a gruesome new video released by ISIS’ propaganda wing on Monday, a Russian intelligence officer is apparently coerced into calling on his country to abandon its bombing campaign in Syria – moments before he’s beheaded by a Jihadi killer.

The footage, released by ISIS’ Furat media arm, is believed to show the death of Capt. Yevgeny Petrenko, 36, who’s been held by ISIS since at least September. In the latest release, Petrenko is shown in the same black clothing he’s seen wearing in a September video, with a white name badge over his right breast bearing the word “infidel” on it, according to a translation from Threat Matrix.

In Monday’s video, Petrenko, who claimed to be a member of the Russian Federal Security Service, says he was abandoned by the Russian government and asks the Kremlin to stop its military campaign against Syrian rebels, The Washington Post reported.

“I was supposed to infiltrate the special services of the caliphate and the leadership of the caliphate,” Petrenko said. “One of my orders was to gain access to Omar al-Shishani or to his circle. But during this I was discovered and arrested by the security services of the caliphate.”

Shishani, also referred to as “Omar the Chechen,” was a top ISIS commander in Syria, but was confirmed killed in a July 2016 U.S. airstrike.


The unidentified man who murders Petrenko speaks Russian, and may be one of thousands of fighters from the former Soviet Union who’ve flocked to join ISIS. Russia is also plagued more directly by Islamic terror carried out by groups from the mostly-Muslim caucus regions. Most recently, 15 people were killed when militants detonated a bomb on a St. Petersburg subway train on April 3.

Russia has been involved in the Syrian civil war since at least September 2015, when it stepped in to help prop up the government of embattled leader Bashar Assad.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.