Iran urges UN chief to try to end 'senseless' Saudi-led bombing in Yemen and get a cease-fire

Iran's foreign minister is urging U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to try to end "the senseless aerial attacks" in Yemen by a Saudi-led coalition and establish a cease-fire.

Javad Zarif said in a letter Friday to the U.N. chief that the bombs are destroying hospitals, schools, roads, food factories and power plants — escalating a humanitarian crisis that is "approaching catastrophic dimensions."

He said "terrorist groups have been the main beneficiaries, gaining strategic foothold in Yemen aided by the foreign aerial campaign."

Zarif reiterated that there is no military solution to the Yemen conflict and said all efforts, particularly by the U.N., should be aimed at implementing a cease-fire and ending all "foreign military attacks," providing urgent humanitarian aid, resuming a Yemeni-led national dialogue and establishing an inclusive national unity government.